About Us | Making people feel special is what we do.

As natural gift givers we've always been drawn to gifts we can personalise because it gives us the chance to make it that little bit more special and give something that can't be found on a shelf.

We know the excitement of receiving a serving board with your names on it, or the feeling you get whilst watching you best friend realise the gift box you gave them has a personal message only the two of you know, or that unbelievably special moment when you see your last name for the very first time etched into a ring box for your wedding.

Based in Sydney, and fuelled by coffee and sugar, our little team has been a part of significant milestone events for friends, family & not to mention our own wedding - and realised its hard to find unique things these days, so we figured if we can't find it - why not create it!

We hope our little shop can create for you items that will capture your character and collect your memories.

The Etch It Team